Wednesday, 17, July, 2024

50 small cinemas, with total of 5550 seats capacity, will be built in Uzbekistan by the end of the year, 24 – in Q3 and 26 – in Q4.

All cinemas will be built on standardized projects, with projects of one-, two-storied, and open-air cinemas specially developed.

It is planned to build 15 one-storied, 24 two-storied and 11 open-air cinemas. One- and and two-storied cinemas will host two halls with 50 seats each, while open (summer) cinemas will have 150 seats.

Of the 121.5 billion soums total cost project, the 85 billion soums will be provided by the National Bank in a loan, and 36.5 billion soums by the project owners.

Thus, the thirst for cinemas in Uzbekistan will be somewhat quenched, with many cities not having a single cinema.

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