Thursday, 18, July, 2024

The Tashkent city mayor, Jahongir Ortiqhojaev, responded to an article on demolitions in the city, published on The Guardian.

“As the mayor of Tashkent, I read your article (Evicted without warning: sudden Tashkent demolitions spark anger,, 2 April) with surprise and disappointment.

It is simply wrong to say that occupants are not warned. They are all given notice, some up to two years in advance.

Secondly, the city of Tashkent was not contacted by your journalist and given no right to reply.

This has led to data being used in the report, specifically the estimate of 10,000 alleged evictions and also the houses of 30,000 people described as being “under threat”, with no independent verification of these numbers or links to public sources.

Any demolition of properties in Tashkent takes place for a reason. lt occurs when apartment buildings have fallen into a severe, dilapidated state. In most cases, in these neighbourhoods, the infrastructure also requires a complete renovation; water supply and sewage systems are sometimes missing.

Under Uzbek legislation, the demolition of buildings cannot be carried out without full notice to the occupant and an agreed compensation agreement. This agreement can take several different forms including: new accommodation, monetary compensation at full market value, or a combination of both. Assistance with the logistics of moving accommodation is also provided.

We are trying to improve the lives of our city’s occupants and the quality and safety of our housing stock. All occupants have been offered improved accommodation and no laws have been broken.

We invite the Guardian to visit Tashkent again and to meet with the appropriate authorities to learn more about our wonderful city.

Jakhongir Ortiqhojaev

Mayor of Tashkent city"


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