Thursday, 25, July, 2024

The State Labor Inspection Authority launched a probe into the forced labour case involving teachers and pupils of school No. 7 in Izboskan district of the Andijan province.

In the last 2 years such cases of forced labour still occur but at significantly less frequency. The Teacher Status draft bill has been prepared, which proposes to prohibit forced labor of teachers (? forced labour is already prohibited by the law – Ed.) and collecting money from them for a newspaper subscription.

Teahcers forced labour

The draft bill states that it is not allowed to force teachers to any form of labor, including sweeping streets and planting trees, collecting scrap metal and waste paper, seasonal work in agriculture and others.

Pupils forced labour

In addition, the Ministry of Public Education launched a special service Ustoz Ovozi (Teacher's Voice)- virtual inspector to receive complaints from teachers.

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