Sunday, 16, June, 2024

Uzbek Defense Ministry signed a contract with RosOboronExport for the supply of ten Mi-35 attack helicopters, Kommersant reported.

The Mi-35M is a multi-role combat helicopter manufactured by Rostvertol, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters. Primarily designed for attack and military transport missions, the helicopter delivers superior flight performance and manoeuvrability than its predecessor. The aircraft integrates modern, high-precision weaponry for destroying ground-based armoured targets and providing air support for ground missions. It can be modified as an attack, ground assault, medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) or transport platform.

It can be deployed in combat missions in various geographies with high-temperature and high-altitude environments and features round-the-clock combat capabilities for conducting missions during day and night. It is also capable of operating from unprepared and poorly equipped airfields. Uzbekistan had bought twelve Mi-35 in 2017.


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