Sunday, 16, June, 2019

Fines for prostitution have been increased in Uzbekistan. Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed into Law the Bill on Making Amendments and Addenda to Some Regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan Aimed at Improving the Mechanisms for Ensuring Public Order.

According to the law, the relevant amendments have been made to Article 190 of the Administrative Liability Code.

From now on performing prostitution is punishable with a fine from 3 to 7 times the minimum wage (MW=200,000 UZS, or US$ 25).

The same offense committed for the second time within a year after an administrative penalty is punishable with a fine of 7 to 10 MWs or of up to fifteen days of administrative arrest.

According to the Interior Ministry, in 2012, 1017 prostitutes were fined in Uzbekistan, in 2013 - 1072, in 2014 - 1389, in 2015 - 1593, in 2016 - 3063, and in 2017 - 2757.


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