Sunday, 16, June, 2019

The Uzbek Public Education Ministry has rejected Russia's proposal to deploy teachers to Uzbekistan schools, the Russian Ambassador to Uzbekistan said in a statement.

Such practice has been implemented in Tajikistan, where a group of Russian teachers were sent to teach Russian, mathematics, computer science, physics, biology and chemistry in Tajik schools.

According to the ambassador, the Ministry explained its refusal by the fact that there are too many Russian-medium schools in Uzbekistan, so it will be too difficult to cover them all, and this will cause a kind of imbalance in terms of personnel distribution.

“We made a proposal to the Uzbek Ministry. It took quite a while for them to review the proposal, then they rejected it. But I note that there was a certain logic in the rejection – Uzbek authorities are making emphasis to training teachers locally. As a fair alternative, the ministry offered to increase the number of teachers sent to Russia for training courses, as well as for skill enhancing at Russian education centers in Tashkent,” the ambassador said.

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