Tuesday, 16, July, 2019

The seventeenth plenary session of the Uzbek Senate will convene on December 13, the Senate said. The session agenda includes the review of the 2019 State Budget, the budgets of state trust funds and the tax and budget policies for 2019.

Senators will also consider a number of bills, including International Treaties of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Approval of the Consular Charter of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Protection of Victims, Witnesses and Other Participants in Criminal Processes, Seed Production, and amendments to some acts aimed at improving the provision of public order, the activities of some state bodies and mechanisms for the effective use of acreage in agriculture, as well as, the bills on ratification of international treaties.

In addition, the Senate will hear reports from the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Ferghana province governor, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Ensuring Guaranteed Labor Rights of Citizens, and will review the Multipurpose Farms Development Program for 2019.

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