Tuesday, 21, May, 2019

Ceremonies took place across Syrdarya province last week, where farmers of the province took oaths, the local Sirdaryo Haqiqati (transl. The Truth of Syrdarya) newspaper reported.

In the square in front of the governor's office in Gulistan city, the farmers of Boyovut and Gulistan districts took oaths of allegiance to be “loyal to their integrity, contribute to the development of the homeland and not to commit unrighteous deeds”.

Syrdarya province farmers take oath

It was noted that "the similar events were held in other districts of the province".

The Syrdarya province governor Gafurjon Mirzayev, the officials of the provincial prosecutor office and senior police officers were present in the ceremonies.

On August 25, 2017, Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the Establishment of the Day of Agricultural Workers in Uzbekistan Bill into Law. According to the Law, the Agricultural Workers Day shall be marked on the second Sunday of December (this year – on December 9). However, the law does not contain any provision that farmers should take an oath, neither does the Farm Law.

Syrdarya province farmers take oath 2

The Local Authorities Law lists the powers of governors and mayors, and the law does not entitle them to obligate whomsoever to take oaths.

In general, oaths must be approved by the law. For example, the military oath was approved by the Universal Military Duty and Service Law.

On what legal grounds the governor forced the farmers to take the oath is yet unknown.

Syrdarya province farmers take oath 1

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