Tuesday, 21, May, 2019

The Nov. 12 presidential decree assigned extra non-working days during public holidays and approved the transfer of non-working days for the year 2019.

Extra days off in 2019:

- Wednesday, January 2;

- Friday, March 22;

- Monday, 2 September.

Moving of non-working days in 2019:

- from Saturday, January 5 to Thursday, January 3;

- from Saturday, June 1 to Thursday, June 6;

- from Saturday, September 7 to Tuesday, September 3;

- from Saturday, December 28 to Tuesday, December 31.

So during the New Year period people will get 6 days of holiday.

In budget- financed organizations, additional non-working days are compensated by reducing the length of annual leave by three working days. The duration of annual leave with the reduction can not be less than 15 working days.

In other organizations, additional non-working days shall be established based on at own discretion and in line with collective agreements or other local acts adopted by employers in agreement with the trade union committees.

Uzbekistan Airways and Uzbekistan Railways were instructed to offer discounts and promos for transport and hotel services during long weekends, the Tourism Committee and local authorities to offer domestic tourism routes and recreation programs.

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