Tuesday, 21, May, 2019

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree on creation of favorable conditions for foreign skilled labour force in Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Justice said.

As of December 1, the document will scrap the requirement to obtain (renew) authorization to employ skilled foreign labor, while maintaining the procedure for obtaining (issuing) confirmations for the right to work in the country.

Validity of issued confirmations for highly skilled and skilled foreign specialists is up to three years, with the possibility of an unlimited number of renewals, but not more than three years in each case. For registration and issuance, as well as the extension of confirmations, a fee has been set at 1 minimum wage, for skilled foreign specialists - 2 minimum wages.

Highly skilled specialists are those who have graduated from universities ranked in the top 1000 of recognized ratings, have at least five years of experience in the related area (or related diploma), and those are paid more than 60 thousand US dollars per year in Uzbekistan.

Skilled specialists are those who have diploma, at least five years of work experience in the related area (or related diploma), and who are paid at least 30 thousand US dollars a year in Uzbekistan.

Skilled specialists have the right to hold concurrent positions in Uzbekistan without receiving confirmation for concurrent work.

A multiple-entry work permit for highly skilled and skilled specialists is issued for the duration of the employment or civil-law contract, but not more than three years (work visa may be extended without the need to leave Uzbekistan). For the duration of the labor or civil contract, highly skilled specialists and members of their families may be issued residence permit.

After an early termination of the employment contract, highly skilled and skilled specialists are entitled to search for a new employer within 30 business days, during which the validity of previously issued confirmations, visas and residence permits remains valid.

In accordance with the decree, from December 1, foreign citizens who have invested in Uzbekistan at least 8500 times the minimum wage (MW=202,000 UZS) (at the time of investment) through buying shares of companies, as well as creating a foreign enterprise, have the right to work in any position in the company without going through any authorization procedures.

From January 1, 2019, highly skilled specialists are charged at 50% of the actual established rate. In the event of early termination of labor or civil law contract on the employee’s guilt, the amount of tax not paid in connection with the granting of a tax benefit is levied to the state budget.

Within three months, it is planned to develop a draft Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in Uzbekistan bill, which provides for the definition of the concept and legal status of foreign citizens, highly skilled and skilled specialists, a transparent procedure for passing administrative and civil law procedures, as well as interaction with government agencies and other organizations in the field of labor relations, wide access to public services, and the creation of mechanism of protection of the rights and legitimate interests of foreign citizens in Uzbekistan.

A multi-language ​​(English, German, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and others), special information portal should be launched At the beginning of next year, providing detailed information on the procedures for entering and leaving Uzbekistan, the procedure for obtaining a visa, residence permit, registration, propiska, taxation and conditions of labor relations, benefits and waivers for foreign citizens, as well as containing recommendations for finding work and housing.

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