Tuesday, 16, July, 2019

About 800 thousand people in Uzbekistan get paid 456 thousand soums per month, Deputy Finance Minister Dilshod Sultonov said.

In addition, about 370 thousand civil servants work for 500-600 thousand soums per month.

According to him, many employers deliberately pay the minimum wage in order to evade from paying taxes, while some pay in envelopes.  Among those employees there are cleaners, executive chefs of big restaurants, sales assistants of famous stores, and even directors of joint ventures. It is quite apparent that they get the remaining in envelope.

"However, we have to admit that the tax load on wage was very high before, it wasn’t unprofitable to pay large salaries. Therefore, from the New Year (major tax reform is put in place) we expect the employers to legalize and increase the pay."said the Deputy Finance Minister.

As of January 1, 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers will review and increase the tariff coefficients of the Wage Scale, while the category I to increase by 15%, the category II - by 10% and the category III – by 5%.

Currently, the coefficient of category I is 2.476. Starting from November 1, the national minimum wage will be equal to MWP (the minimum wage parameter is 202,730 soums)* 2.476 = 501,959 soums.


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