Monday, 25, March, 2019

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Yuriy Savchenko, held a press briefing regarding the antisubsidiary investigation in relation to the imports of Uzbek passenger cars to Ukraine.

“All decisions regarding this issue are being taken exclusively within the legal framework and through constant communication with the Uzbek authorities. At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities urge the Uzbek side, all the stakeholders to join efforts in order to take a weighted decision,” the ambassador noted.

Savchenko stressed the fact that, according to the current legislation of Ukraine, the ongoing antisubsidiary investigation itself should not and is not creating any obstacles whatsoever to the customs clearance of Uzbek goods.

While there are many official letters incoming from Ukrainian exporters to Uzbekistan about "ungrounded" problems that they had started facing when clearing their goods at the Uzbek customs, the ambassador added.

Savchenko said that the parties have been conducting talks and that Ukraine is ready to hold consultations and constructive dialogue with the Uzbek side in order to find mutually acceptable solutions, while acting solely within the legal framework.

Earlier the Ukrainian carmakers appealed for conducting of an antisubsidiary investigation against the Uzbek cars imported in Ukraine.

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