Tuesday, 26, September, 2023

Image of six men standing in the ditch near a wheat field spread on social networks on October 27. The incident was found to have occurred in Akkurgan district of Tashkent province.

It was found that the five people were Sherzod Murodov, deputy mayor of Akkurgan district, Tokhir Mirzakarimov, head of the district water management department, Sharof Akhmedov head of the district agriculture department, Zokir Musabekov, chair of Ozod neighbourhood, Abror Mavlonov, head of Mavlonboy Ota farm and Nosir, head of Abdunosir Farm.

Tashkent province officials punished

According to the data, the above persons were “punished” for not irrigating the field on time.

Another image appeared on social networks, showing some men holding pieces of soil in Bekabad district of the same Tashkent province.

The men were said to be punished this way for not properly preparing the soil for planting wheat.

Both cases happened on October 25 when the Deputy PM Zoyir Mirzaev was visiting the Tashkent province.

It is not yet known how long these men stood holding the pieces.

Tashkent province officials punished 2

In a recent government meeting, Zoir Mirzaev drew the attention of the attendees to the improper works performed in Bekabad and showed everyone the large pieces of soil that were laying on the fields. According to agricultural norms the soil must be crushed before planting a culture. Then the mayor of Bekabad district was told off. 

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