Friday, 03, February, 2023

The Uzbek Senate at the 16th plenary session on Thursday passed the State Customs Service Bill in a new version. The current State Customs Service Law was adopted in 1997.

According to the chairman of the Uzbek Customs Committee, Murotjon Azimov, an automated risk management system had been implemented since September 1, which provides for selective customs control of goods.

"Now the system is operating in test mode, and from January 1 will fully shift to it. This will save time for our staff, time and money for participants in foreign trade activities," he added.

“Over the past two years, trade with neighboring countries has grown tremendously. In addition, due to the opening of the borders, the two-way flow of people and transport increased by many times. It Is difficult to solve border congestion only by increasing the customs staff. Therefore, we will further implement new IT solutions, ensuring above all the security," said Mr. Murotjon Azimov.

He added that US$ 4 million worth each inspection complex units would have been installed by January on five railway lines 1.

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