Monday, 25, March, 2019

As reported earlier, several bloggers were arrested in the end of August for their Facebook posts on religious issues, in particular their protest against the ban of hijab in schools. The arrests caused wide public outcry on social networks, with authorities making no statement.

One of those bloggers, Adham Alim, known as Musandif Adham on Facebook, was released yesterday.

"They took me on the evening of August 29. From August 29 to September 2, I was kept in the basement of the Tashkent Police Department. Later, I was taken to the pre-trial detention center, commonly known as Panelniy in Tashkent. I have been there for 14 days. An appeal was filed a to the Supreme Court, so they released on the eve. Today, on September 11, at 20:40, I am home with my family. I'm in good mood now. My lawyer told me that some other bloggers were also arrested. And, I am glad to hear that they were also released. For example, Otabek Usmonov from Andijan and Dilshod Khalilov from Namangan were also released. Though, I did not personally know them, I knew them online.”

"When I was there, the main questions were around the blogger Muhammad Shakur. "Do you know him?" "Did you want to support him?". Perhaps other bloggers were also asked the same questions. They also asked a few questions about the hijab and school uniform."

Adham Olimov said that during the detention he had not been subjected to any form of torture by police staff.

"They didn’t exert physical pressure, only psychological pressure. Neiwther was pressure applied towards my family, "he said.

According to the blogger, his phone and computer were seized for checking. Mushamnif Adham was not banned from using social networks.

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