Friday, 03, February, 2023

Uzbekistan Railways will raise ticket prices for Afrosiyob high-speed trains by 35% as of August 15, the company said in a statement today: 


VIP-class - 151 thousand soums;

Business class - 105 thousand soums;

Economy class - 78 thousand soums.


VIP-class - 209 thousand soums;

Business class - 148 thousand soums;

Economy class - 108 thousand soums.


VIP-class - 243 thousand soums;

Business class - 176 thousand soums;

Economy class - 128 thousand soums.

According to the strategic planning and business development department of Uzzheldorpass (a Uzbekistan Railways subsidiary for passenger service), the prices rose following the four-month analysis and studies conducted jointly with the Ministry of Finance. 

The last time ticket prices were raised in 2014.

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