Monday, 16, July, 2018

Journalist Furkat Yusupov perished in Karakalpakstan. Kruz.Uz reported today. On Saturday evening, Furkat reportedly met with four classmates and went for a swim in a canal. One of the girls decided to have a dip and started drowning. Furkat's friend man rushed to help her, but he could not cope with the current either. Then Furkat tried to help his friends. As a result, none of the three could swim out.

The corpses of Yusupov and his friend were found in the evening of July 8, the search for the girl's body is ongoing. The journalist’s funeral took place on the same day.

Furkat Yusupov, 25, since 2013 wrote for various sports publications, Uff.Uz, Sports.Uz and Stadion.Uz. Yusupov was one of the co-founders of the Club of Young Journalists. We offer our condolences to his family and friends.

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