Monday, 22, April, 2019

Samarkand province Kattakurgan city police officer Sanat Umarov forced a woman, who was detained for theft, to strip naked, with the General Prosecutor's Office taking the case under special control, the chief of the Prosecutor office PR department Surayo Rakhmonova said.

A footage was posted in social networks Wednesday, showing a police officer humiliating the honor and dignity of a woman detained for theft. In the footage the officer Umarov is heard yelling at the woman, with frequent swearing, ordering her to remove her clothes. He ordered her to tell who her accomplices were and give their phone numbers. The woman replied that she had no accomplices and her tearful pleas with the officers not to make her strip fell on deaf ears as the police were adamant that she should undress.

The Prosecutor Office added that the officer had been taken into custody, and was now facing the charge of Abuse of Power and Causing Major Damage or Material Harm to Human Rights or Public Interest.

A probe has been opened against the senior staff of the Kattakurgan Police Department. All employees, officials, executives who were involved in this case or allowed it to happen will be prosecuted under the law, Surayo Rahmonova said.

"This is a blatant case. This is absolutely unacceptable, regardless of rank. This case has been taken under the special control of the Prosecutor General," she concluded.

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