Tuesday, 19, March, 2019

Members of the lower house in the second reading passed the Limiting Smoking of Shishas and Electronic Cigarettes in Public Places Bill Wednesday, the statement of the lower house said.

The bill was initiated of the group of MPs of the Milliy Tiklanish Democratic Party.

"This bill is aimed at protecting the health of citizens from the harmful effects of smoking of shishas and electronic cigarettes, and the related social and other negative consequences, in particular, and promoting healthy lifestyles among young people,"- the statement said.

During the discussions, the MPs noted that the passing of the bill would prevent widespread smoking of shishas and electronic cigarettes in public places, help prevent diseases, as well as infectious diseases due to group smoking.

According to the procedure, the law must pass one more reading in the lower house, then it will be submitted for approval to the Senate and for signature to the President.

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