Wednesday, 21, August, 2019

Employees of budget-financed organizations in Navoi province are being forced to buy chickens, reported. Teachers, doctors, bank workers, kindergarten teachers and others were “requested” to buy poultry.

"Our department was given 70 hens, at 30 thousand soums each, with 50 people working," said an employee of a clinic in Navoi, who asked not to be named. - Last time, 10 hens were sold for 8-10 thousand soums each. Then we agreed to buy, but did not expect that it would happen again. The amount is not withheld from the salary, but we are asked to pay in the bank.

She said that during the meeting the chief of the medical association told how many hens must be bought by employees.

The Navoi branch of the competition committee told that chickens are being “distributed” by the governor’s office, which “offers” poultry not only to budget-financed organizations, but to everyone.

According to the branch, the German hens are being sold to the public by Karmana Golden Eggs, the firm commissioned in March this year during the visit of President Mirziyoyev. As of June 20, 75.6 thousand heads of poultry were forcedly sold buyers for 30 thousand soums, 45 thousand of which were delivered to customers.

The governor’s office clarified that the campaign to provide the public with chickens is part of the recently launched program "Every Family is an Entrepreneur", adding that the sale of chickens is aimed at boost the use of idle land plots in rural areas.

"Chickens are sold to those who have land plots. We offer people at least to build a chicken coop for effective use of land," the governor’s office official said. He assured that buying poultry is on voluntary basis: "Those who don’t want chicken are not buying." The check up of houses in rural areas revealed many unused land plots, whose owners live and work in the city, he added.

In accordance with the April presidential decree, the councils of farmer, farms and land owners were given the right to conduct regular monitoring of targeted and effective use of land. They may also submit proposals to the governor’s offices to alienate the land plots of farms and landowners. However, this procedure and some provisions of this decree might be contrary to the Private Property Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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