Tuesday, 19, March, 2019

Former first deputy Tashkent prosecutor, Miraglam Mirzayev and his family members were detained under the investigation of the former prosecutor general Kadyrov's case by the Office for combating organized crime and corruption, the General Prosecutor Office said in a statement.

"M. Mirzaev, his wife - M. Mirzaeva, his son - A. Mirzaev and Z. Inogamov (M. Mirzaeyva's nephew) have been arrested during the investigation," the statement said.

Searches were carried out in residential and non-residential facilities belonging to Mirzaev and Inogamov families, various items, documents, vehicles and other items were confiscated.

"Due to the fact that the investigation is ongoing,we are now unable to disclose other facts of the case," the statement concluded.

Earlier, the prosecutor office said it initiated probe involving Miraglam Mirzayev, his wife and son for allegedly taking bribes and committing other offences under Rashitjon Kadyrov's criminal case.

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