Thursday, 27, June, 2019

Prosecutor-General's Office held a press briefing Tuesday which was devoted to steps taken to ensure social justice and the rule of law in Uzbekistan.

21 people were said to have been arrested as part of the former Prosecutor-General Rashidjon Kadyrov’s case.

“The Office for combating crimes and corruption under the Prosecutor General's Office is currently conducting investigation aginst the former Prosecutor General Rashidjon Kadyrov, which to date found that Kadyrov took bribes to appoint for prosecutor positions and committed other offenses. At present, 24 people are now facing charges, of whom, 21 are being held in pre-trial detention, with investigations still underway. The media will be informed about the outcomes of the investigation”, said Mansur Urolov, the deputy chiedf of the office.

Former Prosecutor Rashidjon Kadyrov was detained on 24 February for alleged crimes under Article 221 of the Criminal Procedure Code, and is now facing charges of extortion, abuse of power and taking bribe. Former deputy prosecutor general Jamshid Fayziyev and the former prosecutors of Tashkent province Ulugbek Sunnatov have also been detained.

The prosecutor's office did not disclose the names of other former officials detained under the Kadyrov case.

As earlier reported, according to Rashid Kadyrov's stories, the justice adviser Miragam Mirzaev, his wife Muhabbat Hasanova, the chief of Yunusabad Bar Association, and their son, former head of the Anti-Terrorism and Organized Crime Division at the Tashkent City National Security Service Abdurashid Mirzaev, Miragam Mirzaev's nephew (Mirazam Mirzaev's son), chief of the department for combating terrorism and organized crime under the Tashkent region NSS Mansur Mirzaev had been arrested, however the prosecutor's office did not confirm these reports.

Also, Rashidjon Kadyrov's son, Alisherbek Kadyrov, was put in the wanted list and is being searched by the Uzbek Interior Ministry.

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