Monday, 25, March, 2019

Inquiry, interrogation and investigations are being recorded on 1832 web cameras in office computers of investigative units of city and provincial police departments, the Interior Minister Pulat Bobodjonov said in a briefing.

“1814 CCTV cameras were installed in temporary detention facilities, in pre-trial detention units - 123, special detention facilities - 25, rehabilitation centers for homeless - 283 cameras.

Pulat Bobodjonov cited, as an example, the new pre-trial detention unit No. 1 of the Main Department of Corrections under the ministry. “357 cameras have been installed there. This facility, which was built on a modern project and is fully compliant with international standards, has rooms for lawyers, investigators, which are equipped with 67 cameras. At the same time, there are offices for witnesses, identification and obtaining samples for examination.”

“The facility has a room for meeting with relatives, citizens' reception, restroom, canteen and WC for convicts.”

“The purpose of installing cameras is to prevent illegal investigation methods. While, it also helps to prevent cases of ungrounded allegation of investigator in illegal actions by participants in the criminal process,” the Interior Minister stressed.

According to him,  cameras in the rooms for lawyers will help prevent illegal actions and ensure their safety. At the same time, there are special rooms for interrogation of dangerous recidivists.

“In 2017, 50 video cameras were installed in the penal institution in the Tashkent province in the sleeping quarters of prisoners. Another 34 cameras have been installed in the sleeping quarters of prisoners of the Navoi province.”

“Cameras have also been installed at gates, above footpaths, in the cells of pre-trial detention centers. At the same time, not only prisoners, but also investigators and lawyers are being monitored. Any unlawful action of officials and employees of the institution with regard to prisoners is being recorded, appropriate measures to be taken against offenders”, said Pulat Bobodjonov.

“This is necessary for round the clock monitoring of convicts and preventing unlawful actions of prisoners against each other, violation of the convicts’ rights by guards”, the minister explained.

He stressed that any officer who found using physical or psychological effect to person under investigation or prisoner or executed someone's order, whoever he is, will certainly be held accountable before the law.

“Because every citizen, a convict is first of all a human being. He is also the son of our people, our country. For committing a crime one shall be held liable in accordance with the law. Noone has the right to torture, to humiliate and to violate rights and freedoms”, Pulat Bobodjonov concluded.

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