Monday, 15, July, 2019

A large 300,000 tons of ammonia and 360,000 tons of carbamide per year plant will be built in Yangier city of Sirdaryo province in 2019-2023, with technologies from South Korea, Germany, Japan, China and other countries, President Mirziyoyev said the Syrdarya province meeting ended by the local authorities, MPs and the public.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev during his Sirdaryo trip familiarized with some projects, in particular, the activities of the Sirdaryo Mega-Luxe in the Syrdarya province.The Uzbek-Russian joint venture, set up in 2012, produces polypropylene bags of various sizes used in the chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, food industries, the construction industry, and for packing agricultural products.

President Mirziyoyev noted that structural reforms in agriculture will be continued, cotton fields with low yield will be reoriented for other crops.

"Planting cotton where it is not appropriate, and afterwards selling it as raw at a low price speaks of lack of economic knowledge. From now on we will plant cotton where it is profitable. If everything goes well, in two or three years we will stop selling cotton abroad. We will set up modern enterprises, we will process locally and produce finished products with high added value", said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

It was noted that 20 thousand hectares of cotton fields will be reoriented for such crops as pomegrenades, grapes, chickpeas, rapeseed, soybeans, hot peppers and other popular crops .

In Syrdary district, the exhibit of industrial products took place, the President's press service reported.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev paid special attention to the irrigation flumes production project - Crocus Uz Compozit. The company, due to be commissioned in December this year, will produce 180,000 meters of trays and pipes of composite materials per year, with over 150 people to be employed. The President noted the high water losses during irrigation, such quality trays are vital for saving water.

The head of state pointed to the practical importance of devices manufactured by Ideal Asr company for efficient consumption of gas, and for their wide application.

Of great interest were also the metal products of the joint venture Wang Da Group operating in the Syrdarya province and sneakers manufactured in the city of Gulistan under the Zinnur brand.

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