Friday, 18, January, 2019

Deputy Interior Minister, chief of the Tashkent Police Department (TPD) Rustam Juraev commented on the "trend to grow beards" among the Tashkent’s youth at a meeting with the residents of Uchtepa district on Tuesday.

At the meeting one person said that the "trend to grow a beard" has been spreading among the young people aged from 18 to 35 in Tashkent (long beards, specifically - Ed.). "If this is not banned, by 2019-2020 all the young people in Tashkent will have beards," he said which was followed by applauses in the audience.

The Tashkent police chief addressed the audience to know what caused the applause. The audience replied that this was a "very good and right question".

"All of us sitting here understand that it (growing a beard) is not prohibited by law. Everyone can grow a beard, it is legal," Rustam Juraev said.

He added that the attitude to this issue depends on "what kind of education we gave our children and what we taught them in terms of culture."

This is the second meeting of the head of the TPD with the residents of the capital. At the first meeting Rustam Juraev communicated with the residents of the Yakkasaray district.

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