Sunday, 03, March, 2024

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the State Security Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan Bill into Law Thursday, which was passed by the Legislative Chamber on March 15 and approved by the Senate on March 29. The document was published today in the Narodnoye Slovo newspaper and will take immediate effect.

The Law defines the State Security Service (DXX) as the special authorized body that protects the constitutional order, sovereignty, territorial integrity and interests of the Republic of Uzbekistan from external and internal threats. The DXX is subordinate and accountable directly to the President of the country.

The DXX’s main areas of activities are:

-    ensuring state security and protection of the interests of the Republic of Uzbekistan against external and internal threats, strengthening the rule and supremacy of law, preventing, identifying and suppressing violations in this area;

-   carrying out intelligence and counterintelligence activities to prevent, detect and suppress encroachments on the constitutional order, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

-   protection and safeguarding of the state border of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

-   protecting the Armed Forces and the military-industrial complex of the Republic of Uzbekistan from challenges, risks and threats to the state security, participation in the implementation of strategic initiatives aimed at strengthening the country's defense capability;

-   fighting against terrorism, extremism, organized crime, illegal circulation of arms, trafficking drugs and psychotropic substances;

-   prevention, detection and suppression of destructive activities aimed at incitement of national, ethnic and religious enmity, which is a threat to public interests and security;

-   ensuring the state security in the economic, scientific, technical, social and information spheres, protecting the cultural, historical and spiritual heritage of the people of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

-   fighting corruption in state bodies and other organizations that pose a threat to public interests and security;

The document establishes the main principles of the DXX: the legality, respect for human rights and freedoms, reliance on citizens' assistance, priority of prevention of offenses, unity, independence and secrecy of its activities.

The law notes that the DXX in its activities uses the achievements of science, innovations, technologies and developments, as well as ITs.

The Chairman and Deputy chairmen of the DXX shall be appointed and dismissed by the President of Uzbekistan, with relevant decrees to be approved by the Senate.

The service will regularly report to the Senate Committee on Defense and Security o the main areas of its activities.

Public council is formed within the DXX, which provides advisory and other functions. The composition of the council and its powers shall bedetermined by the President.

The law outlines the interaction of the State Security Service with state bodies and other organizations, civil society institutions and citizens, the rights and duties of the SGB, the use of physical force, special forces and means, firearms, and the use of vehicles of organizations and citizens by the DXX officers.

The document defines issues of legal status and social and legal protection of SGB servicemen, as well as guarantees of their immunity, employment and responsibility.

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