Wednesday, 30, November, 2022

Terrorism threatens all countries, and it is necessary to counter them together, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said today at the Tashkent conference on Afghanistan.

He spoke about the fight against terrorism and crimes in the country. According to him, there are less than 2000 ISIS militants in Afghanistan. "We declared a relentless struggle against them with the help of our partners," said Ashraf Ghani.

"Our forces have conducted a large-scale operation to destroy [militants] over the past two weeks. More than 1,300 fighters were killed, they are now limited in narrow valleys in Nangarhar and northern Afghanistan. We have enough will and strength to fight them, and we will do so tirelessly," he stressed.

Ashraf Ghani said that this year for the first time an operation was carried out against narcotic laboratories. Government forces inflicted over US$ 130 million worth of losses to them.

"I say this to emphasize: these threats are common for us and it is necessary to fight them jointly . Afghans are putting their lives for the sake of the global fight against terrorism. We are on the front line, but everyone should fight with this threat," he stressed.

"The world has changed, the strategic rules of war are completely ignored by the enemy, with attacks targeting civilians, women, children, the enemy is waging war against hospitals and schools, public life," said Ashraf Ghani. "But we are living in a historical moment when we have achieved a breakthrough in the fight against global terrorism."

"If the terrorist attacks since the beginning of the year pursued a goal to prevent our efforts aimed at building peace, they will not achieve their goal. Those suicide attacks only strengthen the relevance of this conference. We must use all measures available to us to discuss a peaceful solution," he said.

"We must fight for the inclusion of the Taliban in our society," he said, "so that we can focus on the terrorist threats."

Ashraf Ghani listed several principles on which Afghanistan's security and prosperity can be based: parity based international cooperation, support to the intra-Afghan peace process, strengthening cooperation in the fight against transnational terrorism and crime, creating a platform for implementing large-scale programs to strengthen intercountry and regional ties, and cooperation with Afghanistan in matters of preserving peace and integrating former combatants into cultural and education programs.

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