Monday, 28, November, 2022

The European Union is ready to support the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's proposal to omit the members of the Taliban movement who will support the peace processfrom their sanctions list.

This was announced today by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission Federica Mogherini at the conference on Afghanistan: "Peace Process, Security Cooperation and Regional Collaboration" in Tashkent.

"In terms of diplomacy, we can assist to remove from the list those who fall under the sanctions. We are also ready to collaborate on permanent basis with those who will lay down their arms and are ready support their families ... so that they can find their place in society, start their own business and reintegrate," she said.

She recalled that the peace process in Afghanistan does not depend upon the European Union, nor on other involved parties, but only on the Afghans themselves.

"Our message to those who are still at war: choose the path of dialogue and armistice, have the courage to begin the peace talks. Then we can support you, we will become partners in this dialogue. And we will help you finish this war and establish peace," the EU High Representative said.

She stressed that peace in Afghanistan will be possible only if the Afghan people support and contribute to it.

"Afghanistan has already transformed to a great extent. These changes must continue, consolidate, become irreversible," said Federica Mogerini.

She expressed the EU's commitment to this process, offering economic and diplomatic support, as well as expertise in various fields.

"Today, the European Union is not in favor of a competitive process, but for cooperation, because we know what damage could otherwise be caused," the EU High Representative said.

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