Sunday, 04, December, 2022

By the government’s March 22 decree the buildings and structures of the former pretrial detention facility No. 1 in Tashkent, commonly known as Toshturma (transl. Stone Prison), will be demolished, the Ministry of Justice said in its Telegram channel.

Earlier this year the convicts and prisoners were transferred to a new facility in Zangiota district of the Tashkent province.

The facility will be reportedly handed over to the Tashkent mayor’s office, to be demolished in a three-month period with a modern park zone to be created on its place.

Stone Prison was built in 1891, and includes four buildings with basements connected by underground and ground corridors.

The new detention facility instead of the former was built in line with the presidential decree and, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it fully meets the international standards.


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