Wednesday, 25, April, 2018

Samarkand province governor Turobjon Juraev commented on the accident in Samarkand's Kattakurgan district, where a Diana Enikeeva, 23, a school teacher, died hit by a truck.

He assured that "unbiased investigation of the incident  and legal assessment" of the tragic incident would be ensured.

The incident pointed to the need to strengthen security on the roads, he said. "Every human life is very dear to us," he stressed.

"As the head of the province I can assure that the employees of the social sector institutions are not currently being involved and will henceforth not be involved in cleaning and other works by local authorities ," he reassured.

Turobjon Juraev, on behalf of the khokimiyat of Samarkand province and on his own behalf, expressed deep condolences over the tragic death of Diana Enikeeva and promised that moral and material support would be provided to her family.

Hokim added that the reports in the media, linking the accident with the visit of the head of state to the province are "biased and false."

On Sunday, the Kattakurgan district mayor's office and the provincial Department of Public Education reported that teachers were not sent to clean the roads. However the day it happened, March 14, was a business day and the late Enekeva was supposed to be in her class teaching the kids, but she was asked/forced to perform some cleaning works on the eve of the President's visit to Samarkand, that is unlikely to be a coincidence and her colleagues confirmed they were sent to clean the streets.

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