Tuesday, 19, March, 2019

Diana Enekeeva, 23, a female teacher in Samarkand's Kattakurgan district died after she was hit by Kamaz heavy load truck when she was cleaning the Samarkand-Bukhara highway ahead of the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev's trip to Samarkand, Xabar.uz reported.

"We were taken to the Samarkand-Bukhara highway," said one of Diana's co-workers, who was also mobilized to clean the streets. "An official of the Samarkand Education Department, who came over in black Chevrolet Lacetti, has asssigned cleaning areas for everyone. I told him: "This is a big road, with many traffic, are the traffic police not supposed to put speed limit or ongoing works signs on the road?" But he sat down in his car, saying, "Look, police is over there they will take care of you." The police officers did not put any signs, they did not even give us any flags, and then this tragedy happened. We were lime washing the trees on the roadside, and Diana was liming the barriers when KamAZ in a high speed hit her, then we stopped a Damas minivan to take her to emergency treatment. I touched her neck and felt her pulse, unfortunately she died in the hospital. We will never forget her, she was a dedicated teacher who loved children".

Forced labor that MPs don't want to acknowledge
At a TV program, the deputy chairman of the Senate Committee on Agrarian, Water Management and Ecology said: "At many meetings with deputies in different provinces not a single teacher complained that they were forced to clean streets, and we never heard of such cases. At that meeting, journalist Barchinoy Jurayeva said: "Not only teachers, but also doctors and kindergarten educators are cleaning the street, we see that with our own eyes," to which MP Svetlana Ortikova replied, "If we do not clean the streets ourselves, nobody from outside will clean it for us". Even afterwards we saw a lot of teachers and doctors cleaning the streets, but we  did not see MPs who love the homeland among those cleaning.

A facebook user asked Komil Allamdjonov, the President Mizrziyoyev's spokesman "Governors on the eve of the President's visit force mostly the teachers to go to the roadside for cleaning. Is this appropriate? Or is it just a minor issue?". To which Komil Allamjonov said: "Of course, we are deeply saddened by what happened. At present, the causes that led to the tragedy are being studied. Based on the foundings, appropriate measures will be taken. I extend my deepest condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased".

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