Sunday, 16, December, 2018

The Uzbek Prosecutor General's Office denied the arrest and seizure of property of Farhod Mamadjonov, a shareholder of InFinBank, the office said in a statement.

According to the statement, information on the arrest and seizure of Farhod Mamajonov's property in the criminal case initiated by the Prosecutor General's Office against the former Prosecutor General of Uzbekistan Rashitjon Kadyrov has been published on the Internet.

The Prosecutor General's Office reported that this information was fake.

On March 12, InFinBank published a statement on behalf of the chairman Maksud Abdusamadov, who said that no checks or investigation are being conducted in the bank, which can be confirmed by to the General Prosecutor's Office and the Central Bank," the statement said.

The statement was posted after "some unofficial media" published fake and misleading information about the bank.

"The above fake news reported about an alleged involvement of the bank in money laundering of certain persons which were earned illegally. These allegations have absolutely no grounds, "the statement stresses. In addition, it is noted that the bank has never opened and does not have correspondent accounts in Latvia and the UAE.

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