Friday, 02, December, 2022

Rustam Inoyatov, 73, who led the National Security Service (NSS) since 1995, has left his post, a source in the government said.

The change in the leadership was announced at a meeting in the NSS building chaired by the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on Wednesday.

He has been replaced by Ikhtiyor Abdullayev, who served as the Prosecutor General of Uzbekistan since 2015, and earlier - since 2009 - as the state adviser to the President.

Otabek Murodov, the former state adviser to the President, has been appointed as the replacement for Abdullayev.

While Muzraf Ikramov, the chairman of the Accounts Chamber and the former Minister of Justice, has been appointed to the post of state adviser.

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