Wednesday, 19, December, 2018

Uzbekistan's General Prosecutor's Office inaugurated yesterday its Information and Analytical Multimedia Center, with Babur Alikhanov, former chief of the National Television and Radio Company, appointed as director.

The media center is tasked to “timely inform the population about the political and legal events, reforms, crime preventive measures, prompt reaction to fake, misleading information in the media and the Internet and to raise the legal literacy of the population”.

The media center will cover the work of not only the prosecutor's office, but also other law enforcement bodies.

The Center will prepare information and analytical materials for TV and print media outlets, audio and video, TV and radio programs, surveys and commentaries, social advertising, live reports.

"When some accident happens, most of us in some cases act as mere spectators. And we are sometimes indifferent to how these events are covered on the Internet. We must not forget that this biased coverage may form negative thoughts in society. The new multimedia center will provide full and reliable reports about those events that caused widespread public discussion, mobilizing cultural, intellectual and moral potential for solving social problems," the Prosecutor General Ikhtiyor Abdullayev said.

At the inauguration ceremony were signed Cooperation Memorandums with the National Information Agency of Uzbekistan (UzA), Development Strategy Center, International Press Club and UzbekKino National Agency.

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