Sunday, 18, November, 2018

Draft External Labor Migration Bill is being prepared in Uzbekistan and is currently published on the draft regulations public discussion website.

The law will apply to Uzbek citizens who are working abroad, and to individuals and legal entities involved in external labor migration.

It is proposed that the Agency for External Labor Migration under the Ministry of Labor, its branches, and employment agencies shall be responsible for finding jobs for Uzbek citizens abroad.

They will register those willing to work abroad, based on demand from of overseas business enitties. On the basis of employment contracts entered into between the sending organization, foreign employer and an Uzbek citizen.

Individual procedure foresees personal job search by citizens of Uzbekistan to work abroad, with mandatory notification of the Agency and submission of the necessary package of documents.

The document also sets basic obligations of an expatriate.

The Agency will form a foundation to provide legal, social and material support to migrant workers. Its main tasks will be to assist in the employment of Uzbek citizens abroad and for their return.


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