Thursday, 29, September, 2022

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on Saturday familiarized himself with the construction progress of skyrail ring line, UzA said. The total length of tracks will be 52.1 km, of which 50.5 km will be laid above the ground on 6 m high overpasses and 1.6 km on the ground.

The project, designed for 2017-2021, will be implemented in five phases. In phase I, the section between Dustlik station (former Chkalov) of Uzbekistan metro line to Qoyliq market will be built. The length of the line will be 11 km, it is planned to build 8 stations.

In phase II, the line will connect Qoyliq market and Olmazor metro station (former Sobir Rakhimov). In phase III, the section  between Olmazor and Beruni metro stations will be built. At the next phase the line will connect Beruni and Bodomzor stations. At the last phase the line will be connected to Dustlik station.

Currently, the laying of monolithic concrete supports for overpass has commenced. The construction works are carried out by Kuprik Kurilish Trust (trans. Bridge Construction Trust) within Uzbekistan Airways.

"The construction of this comprehensively convenient, accessible and safe network will have a huge social and economic significance for the capital," Shavkat Mirziyoyev said. The President instructed that the facility to be commissioned by 2020.

On the same day Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the project of construction of Tashkent City business district. The business district will be located on ​​80 hectares between Alisher Navoi avenue, Olmazor, Furqat streets and Islam Karimov avenue. The business district will also host conference and exhibition centers, a hypermarket, many retailers, restaurants, cafes, social and other facilities, with parking areas located under the buildings.

Currently, the site is being prepared for construction. Local and foreign design companies, as well as foreign investors have been engaged for design and construction of the district. A management company was established under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan which will be responsible for the construction and engaging local and foreign investors for the implementation of the project.

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