Wednesday, 21, March, 2018

On September 8, 1027 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the Protection Of Children From Harmful Content Bill into law.

The law was passed by the Legislative Chamber on August 15, 2017 and approved by the Senate on August 24, 2017. This Law shall enter into force six months after the date of its official publication (September 9, 2017).

The law does not apply to relations in the sphere of circulation of information products containing scientific, technical, statistical information or that having significant historical, artistic or other cultural value.

The law clearly defines the system and powers of government bodies in this field, the mechanisms for participation of civil society institutions in this work. In line with this law, the Uzbek Agency for Press and Information has been designated as the authorized state body, responsible for coordinating activities of state bodies, civil institutions, educational institutions, mass media in this sphere.

The law defines the types of information harmful to children. It is completely forbidden for dissemination of information that encourages children to commit acts that pose a threat to their lives and (or) health, may incite in children the desire to use alcohol and tobacco products, substance abuse, encourage gambling

It is prohibited to distribute among children information denying family values, justifying various unlawful acts, cruelty, physical or mental violence, and other antisocial actions.

The law provides for that distribution of printed products containing harmful material in places accessible for children is allowed only in sealed packages..

It is not allowed to distribute content harmful to children in children's educational, medical, resort, sports-physical, cultural and health institutions.

The law establishes the procedure for Mandatory age rating for content.

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