Saturday, 13, August, 2022

The Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan has developed a draft organs, tissues and (or) human cells transplantation bill. The document is published on the portal for discussion of normative legal acts.

The draft provides for that removal, storage, transporting and transplanting of human organs, tissues and cells shall be performed only by public health institutions that have a special permit from the Ministry of Health.

The law will not apply to organs, their parts and tissues that are related to human reproduction system, including reproductive tissues, to blood and its constituents and to activities associated with their use, as well as sexual organs.

Transplantation of organs and tissues may be performed from a living donor or after death and only if other medical recourses can not guarantee saving of life of a recipient, or improvement of his health and functions.

Removal of organs, tissues and cells from a donor is subject to his consent. Removal from a living donor is permissible only if his health at the time of seizure on medical advice will not cause significant damage.

according to the draft, spouses who are married for more than three years, and their children from previous marriages, as well as relatives in a direct or lateral line in accordance with family law may become living donors,.

One of the paired organs and part of the organ may be removed for transplantation from the donor, the absence of which does not entail irreversible consequences for health.

Transplantation of human organs, tissues and (or) cells is performed in accordance with the written consent of the recipient or his substitute decision-maker if obtaining consent from the recipient is impossible., transplantation may be performed without his consent if it can not be obtained or the delay in performing the transplant threatens the life of the recipient.

Forcing the donor to consent to the removal of organs, tissues and (or) cells from him is prohibited.

Physical and legal persons are prohibited from carrying out deals in relation to organs, tissues and (or) cells of a person.

Information about the donor and the recipient is a medical secret, the disclosure of which is not allowed.

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