Friday, 19, July, 2024

Legislative Chamber on Tuesday passed amendments to the law on the legal status of foreign citizens and stateless persons in Uzbekistan. The amendments were reviewed swiftly in the second and third readings, the press service of the lower house.

The amendments were developed by a group of deputies based on the right of legislative initiative.

The grounds for declaring the stay of foreign citizens and stateless persons in Uzbekistan unwanted may be public calls or actions that question the state sovereignty, territorial integrity and undermine the security of Uzbekistan, provoking interstate, social, national, racial and religious enmity, discrediting the honor, dignity and history of the people of Uzbekistan .

The amendments provide for a five-year ban on such persons to enter Uzbekistan, opening bank accounts, purchasing real estate, buying state property, and entering into financial and contractual relations.

The document also defines the procedure for deporting persons who are not allowed to stay in the country.

For the amendments to take effect, it must now be approved by the Senate and signed by the President of Uzbekistan.

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