Friday, 19, July, 2024

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed decree setting up the Online Anti-Corruption Academy in Uzbekistan from January 1, 2025. This is an electronic platform aimed at continuous improving capacities of both civil servants and the public in the field of anti-corruption, the press service of the Anti-Corruption Agency said.

The decree defines the priority areas of the system of continuous improvement of knowledge of the population and civil servants in the field of anti-corruption. This, among other things, increases legal awareness and legal culture, creates legal immunity to corruption in society, and instills in the consciousness of the younger generation the values ​​of integrity.

The system also provides for the assessment and certification of civil servants’ knowledge in the field of anti-corruption, with the maintenance of a register of civil servants who have received the certificate.

The organization and conduct of educational activities in the Online academy are carried out by the Anti-Corruption Agency and the Law Enforcement Academy.

The agency forms a contingent of civil servants to be trained in the field of anti-corruption, approves the annual training schedule, monitors the quality organization of the educational process, makes proposals for the introduction of new training modules taking into account the state anti-corruption policy, corruption risks and research results.

In addition to civil servants, the virtual academy can also study the population, business entities, representatives of non-governmental non-profit organizations and other civil society institutions, pupils, pupils and students of educational organizations and employees of enterprises with state participation.

Training is organized according to basic and special training courses. At the same time, training in basic training courses is organized free of charge for all users, and advanced training in special training courses is provided on a paid contract basis.

Training mandatory for civil servants

Advanced training in the field of anti-corruption at special training courses at the Onlin academy will be mandatory for civil servants, for other categories it is voluntary.

They will be required to complete the course within three months since being hired.

The frequency of advanced training for civil servants will be at least once every three years.

Special courses for employees of internal anti-corruption control units and those working in civil service positions most exposed to corruption risks are conducted on the basis of in-depth training programs.

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