Friday, 19, July, 2024

At the intersection of Yangi Uzbekiston street at the exit from Tashkent city and the 4R12 highway, the phase I of construction of a transport interchange has been completed, the press service of the Traffic police department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

A tunnel has been inaugurated for transport traveling towards the Chimgan Mountains and the Charvak Reservoir in the Bostanlyk district of the Tashkent province. To drive through the tunnel you need to leave the road to the right.

Now drivers do not need to stand at the intersection, where on weekends they have to wait for several traffic light cycles, the Traffic Safety Inspectorate noted.

For traffic moving in the opposite direction, an exit has been launched from road 4R12 to Yangi Uzbekistan street.

heavy vehicles and vehicles carrying dangerous goods are banned from the tunnel. They must go through the intersection.

The traffic police drew the attention of drivers to the presence of signs indicating the direction of travel.

At the site of the intersection, which in the future will connect the capital with New Tashkent, since last year a clover-type interchange has been built for traffic without traffic lights.

In addition to the opened tunnel, it is planned to build a tunnel in the direction from Parkent to Tashkent.

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