Wednesday, 19, June, 2024

Stories surfaced on social networks this week about men who were putting their ears to the doors and also looking through the door peepholes. This, in particular, was observed on May 5 on the Akhmad Yugnaki area in the Mirzo-Ulugbek district and on May 20 on the Suvsoz-2 area in Bektemir district.

One of the men was arrested. The district criminal court ruled on May 23the 24-year-old A. B.who on May 2 at approximately 2:30 looked through the peephole of the door of one of the apartments of building No. 142 on Mirzo Ulugbek street, then put his ear to the door, then to another door, “scaring the residents.”

In his testimony, he said that when he walked near the house, he heard a cry for help, which is why he decided to go up to the 4th floor to check who was calling for help.

Resident of the apartment filed a complaint to the local police, provided a video recording and asked to take legal action against the man.

The court sentenced him to 5 days of administrative arrest under Petty hooliganism and Failure to comply with the lawful demand of a police officer charge of the Code of Administrative Liability.

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