Sunday, 22, October, 2017

At the Namangan meeting of the International Press Club yesterday, the Namangan province governor Khairullo Bozorov admitted to doctors and teachers in the province being engaged to municipal landscaping (improvement) and agricultural works for long years, which has led to negative results, and promised that this practice would be stopped, Uzbekistan 24 eports.

"This is a matter of fact, it is not possible to conceal it," he said, responding to the question of one the viewers. "They [doctors and teachers} were unable to perform their primary duties, they were attached to farmers."

"Doctors were forced to abandon their duties at rural medical stations (RMS) and were engaged in agricultural works, - Bozorov continued. "What had this lead to?" To ф sharp increase in mothers and children mortality rates. No one helped the SVP. “Opening the eyes, we saw in what a difficult situation we are. "

"Now it is strictly restricted, teachers, employees of budget-financed organizations can no longer be engaged to such works, of course if it is not some kind of weekend voluntary clean-up or a similar event, where they can be engaged like anybody else. Education and healthcare are our dearest  areas, the areas that we most trust to. It is now forbidden to engage them in such works, here are present the other governors and mayors," Khayrullo Bozorov emphasized.

He added that 1500 people work in the municipal improvement company in Namangan city, and this contingent is quite enough.


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