Tuesday, 05, March, 2024

Officers of the State Security Service arrested two court employees on suspicion of taking bribes, the press service of the State Security Service said.

During an operation in Tashkent, a senior consultant to the criminal board of the Supreme Court was arrested red-handedly while receiving 10 thousand dollars.

The investigation found that he promised to help in the acquittal of two previously convicted persons by transferring the criminal case on cassation from the Supreme Court to the Fergana province criminal court.

In another case, a senior assistant judge of the judicial panel of the Surkhandarya province economic court entered into the confidence of a local businessman and received $6,000 from him in return for a positive decision on his cases at the appeal stage through the judges.

Ру also demanded $2,000 and received $600 in куегкт for a positive decision on the claim filed by the businessman in Termez Interdistrict Economic Court.

Criminal cases were launched based on these facts under Fraud charge and Bribery charges of the Criminal Code. A preventive measure in the form of imprisonment was applied to these persons.

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