Tuesday, 05, March, 2024

Law enforcement agencies launched a criminal case against Salim Abduvaliev, 73, aka Salimbay and Salimboyvachcha, the Tashkent city police department.

Salim Abduvaliev was detained procedurally as a suspect in a criminal case under Illegal possession of firearms charge. The preventive measure was not specified, that is, it was not reported whether he was taken into custody or released on bail. It was previously reported that a pre-investigation probe was being conducted against him.

Since January 2017, he has been deputy chairman of the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan and chief of the Wrestling Association. For his contribution to sports activities in 2015, Abduvaliev was awarded the Dustlik (Friendship) Order, and in 2021 he was awarded the Honored Sports Trainer title.

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