Tuesday, 05, March, 2024

General Prosecutor's Office commented the arrest of three female doctors in the case of mass poisoning of children after taking the Antistrumin iodine drug.

Earlier, the Supreme Court reported that on November 7, by a ruling of the Yashnabad district court, the deputy director for medical affairs, doctor of medical sciences, professor, chief endocrinologist of the Ministry of Health Feruza Khaidarova and the head of the laboratory of this center, senior researcher, chief pediatric endocrinologist of the Ministry of Health Nasiba Alimova.

On November 16, the former chief of the Ministry of Health’s department for regulation of medicines, medical products and equipment and the coordination of charitable assistance, Khilola Ganieva, was taken into custody.

The Prosecutor General's Office reported that it was conducting a preliminary probe into a criminal case related to the poisoning with Antistrumin drug on the basis of criminal procedure legislation.

“Currently, although the investigation into this criminal case has not been completed, information about the detention of three women in a criminal case is being distributed in the media with different interpretations. The information that is being disseminated interferes with the objective and impartial conduct of the investigation,” the statement says.

According to the department, referring to the Criminal Procedure Code, during the investigation, the distribution of personal information and interference in the course of the investigation are prohibited by law.

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