Sunday, 10, December, 2023

The draft Amendments and additions decree to the Additional measures to ensure the openness of the activities of government bodies and organizations, as well as on the effective implementation of citizens oversight Decree, prepared by the Anti-Corruption Agency, was posted for public input.

The draft provides for expanding the list of socially significant data that should be publicly available, including:

  • information about vacancies, terms of recruitment, requirements for candidates and documents that must be provided;
  • grants and social contract projects allocated by government bodies and organizations to non-governmental non-profit organizations, including reports on the winning NPOs and the work they have done within the framework of the contract;
  • information about gifts received by employees of government bodies and organizations in connection with foreign business trips, international and other official events, as well as international and other official events, including on the territory of Uzbekistan.

Discussion of the draft will last through October 4 this year.

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