Monday, 24, June, 2024

Record batch of drugs - 8.5 tons of opium straw was arrested at the Tashkent-Aero customs complex at Tashkent’s international airport, the Customs Committee said. The operation was carried out by officers of the Customs Committee (CC) and the State Security Service.

This is the largest consignment of drugs detected in a single case in the entire 30-year history of the customs service, the CC reported.

They tried to bring the cargo from abroad by air, and then transport it in transit in trucks. The accompanying documents indicated that the shipment would include 25 tons of confectionery poppy, packed in 1,000 bags.

The customs check found that among the 25 tons of confectionery poppy there were 8.5 tons of opium straw containing narcotic active opium alkaloids. It is considered a narcotic drug and is prohibited for distribution in Uzbekistan.

Food poppy and opium poppy are different varieties of poppy plants. The food poppy, also known as the common decorative poppy, although similar to its opium counterpart, is used in the food industry for baking.

On this fact, the customs authorities launched a criminal case.

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