Wednesday, 06, December, 2023

Khanka district criminal court of Khorezm province at a session on August 25 sentenced the blogger Shabnam (Nafosat) Ollashukurova to three years of house arrest, the press service of the Supreme Court said.

In the fall of 2019, Ollashukurova was detained after she released a story about the march of the journalist Makhmud Radjapov and his relatives from Khorezm to Tashkent. Then she was arrested for 10 days under several articles of the of Administrative Liability Code. After declaring a hunger strike while serving an administrative arrest, she was placed in the Khorezm provincial psychoneurological dispensary.

At the end of December of that year, she was discharged. She stated that she did not feel safe and left the country. Judging by the stories on Ollashukurova's Facebook page, she lived in Turkey for some time.

As noted in the court ruling, she was detained on March 14 this year in the Bogot district of Khorezm province, and since March 16 she has been under house arrest. She was charged under Libel in printed or otherwise reproduced form, including posted in the media or on the Internet charge, Libel combined with an accusation of committing a grave or especially grave crime charge and Insult in connection with the performance by the victim of his official or civic duty.

In January, the activist published a video on her YouTube channel Shabnam TV about possible sexual, physical and psychological abuse of a 6-year-old girl by her stepfather in the Jizzakh province and called on law enforcement agencies to investigate the situation.

In another video from April, Nafosat Ollashukurova accused a "secret group" of the State Security Service of killing the blogger Asal Khodjayeva (aka Asalhoney). She stated that she could provide evidence if a criminal case was launched against them. The court's ruling noted that these were "baseless and slanderous statements" against law enforcement officers, since another person was identified as the killer.

The blogger accused the senior investigator of the Bogot district police department of Khorezm province in the premeditated murder of a person.

Judge S. Khamroqulov found the blogger guilty under two articles of the Criminal Code on libel and insult and sentenced her to 3 years of house arrest. The time that she spent under house arrest (from March 14 to August 25) has been deducted from this term.

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