Thursday, 18, July, 2024

The government issued a resolution on August 31 approving the administrative regulation for the provision of mobile governmental services with on-site visits, the Ministry of Justice reported.

Applications for a mobile governmental service can be submitted by contacting the call center of the Ministry of Justice during working hours from 9:00 to 18:00. While also, one can apply on the website of the Ministry of Justice at any time of the day.

The timelines for provision of services shall be based on the working hours of governmental service centers. The call center employee fills out the application for the applicant, confirms the data and issues an invoice.

Then the responsible officer contacts the applicant by phone, arrives at the specified place and, using special equipment (a fingerprint scanner installed on a tablet or computer, a printer, etc.), provides a service or sends an application for its provision.

A one-time payment shall be charged for services on-site or for submitting an application: 50% of the base settlement unit (BSU= 330,000 soums) in Tashkent, 40% of the BSU in provincial centers and 30% of the BSU in other districts (cities).

Elderly people in need of assistance, people with limited mobility and disabled people of groups I and II shall be provided with governmental services on site free of charge.

According to the Ministry of Justice, this regulation does not apply to the issuance of national driver's licenses, identity cards (ID-cards) and international passports, as well as Personal number of a pgysical person (JShShIR).

Governmental services with on-site visits will begin to be provided from October 1.

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